It's Vintage Baby!

We strive to offer you fine children's clothing and accessories that are as unique as they are beautiful. Several vintage items are new with the original tags. We have also chosen a select group of designers who we feel embody the style and quality of the past.

Toys Madame Alexander Steiff Bears

Bunny and the Pea

Inspired by the classic fairy tale Princess and the Pea: the bunny princess is dressed in a pink dress with a gold crown and slippers. Mattresses are stacked high on her bed with a crochet pea underneath. The box that she comes in turns into the bedroom pictured...

Toys Madame Alexander Steiff Bears

Micro Mini High Chair

Adorable high chairs designed for the micro mini rabbits Available in green, purple, or white

Nursery/ Home Decor

What Would Johnny Cash Do Pillow

17-3/4" Square Cotton & Linen Embroidered