We strive to offer you fine children's clothing and accessories that are as unique as they are beautiful. Several vintage items are new with the original tags. We have also chosen a select group of designers who we feel embody the style and quality of the past.

About us

Store Front

It's Vintage, Baby was born about 12 years ago out of love and excitement. With many aunts having all boys and my first child being a boy it seemed I was destined to a life of denim and khaki. A splash of color meant they spilled something on their shirt. After waiting about 30 years and 12 boys later our family was finally getting a girl. Like most new moms who eagerly await a little girl I shopped and shopped to find the cutest things for her room and I looked especially hard to find clothing that was unique and one of a kind. I was so excited to get to buy dresses, but they had to be special.

Soft fabrics, unique patterns, and an old fashioned feel are what I was looking for. After all, the last girl I remember dressing was Me! In my searches I found many designers who made clothing by hand or used vintage patterns, but had no real way to present themselves in stores or online. I also began finding very vintage dresses which were brand new with the nostalgic appeal that I loved, but were not the right size for my daughter.

I started buying some of these unique items and getting to know the people who made them and soon a store was soon born. I had no idea how it would grow and develop over the first few months, but much like a baby it began to take on it's own personality and direction.

Over these last few years we have added many new brands and it has grown much to our delight.

We have loved getting to know so many of our repeat customers and hope to grow and get to know many more.

Thank you for shopping with us we hope you will for many years to come.